Membership-only parfait bar "Remake easy" will start selling cocktails using "Sake Cola" only in January.

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■Original cocktails with a pleasant aftertaste

Sake-Kira Apple Ginger

“Saké cola pomme gingembre”

This is an original cocktail with a pleasant lingering aftertaste, using Sake Kirara, a rice shochu-based liqueur that extracts the sweetness of rice from sake lees and combines spices and herbs, with dry ginger ale.

■What is Sake Kira Ra?

Sake Cola is a cola alcoholic beverage produced in collaboration with a long-established local sake brewery. By using sugar derived from koji, this product has a smooth sweetness similar to the aftertaste of Japanese sake, and also has a multi-layered aroma and taste due to the various spices.

We aim to create a new genre called "JAPANESE COLA," which is Japan's representative cola, and plan to expand it from Japan to the rest of the world.

■About Remake easy

Remake easy is a members-only parfait bar that offers special parfaits that only a limited number of people can eat, as well as cocktails that pair with the parfaits.

Enjoy the pairing of parfait and alcohol in a space that harmonizes vintage and modern with the theme of speakeasies (hideouts for illegally selling alcohol) that were popular during the era when alcohol was prohibited.

It is a popular parfait bar that is so popular that it sold out in just a few minutes when it solicited memberships, and achieved over 36.5 million yen in crowdfunding conducted in November 2023.

Currently, we have stores in Shibuya, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Shinjuku.



■About Aika Co., Ltd.

Aika Co., Ltd. sells products that give you the feeling of visiting flowers, including the cola drink ``Sake Cola,'' and wholesales them to stores.

Aika will create a new drinking culture by becoming a place where everyone involved with Aika can experience new discoveries and excitement through deliciousness.

■Company overview

Representative Director: Kazuaki Nakazawa

Location: 837-2 Otsu, Naganohara-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture

Business content: Planning, manufacturing, sales, and import/export of alcohol products and other various products


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